For the winter season 2018/2019 Yeti Snow Technology will be present at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Our two autonomous sweepers will be part of the ordinary winter maintenance, participating in regular operations together with six manually driven sweepers. In this way we will gather information and experience on how to operate autonomous vehicles during real winter maintenance from the very professional crew at Oslo Airport.


In January 2018, two sweepers were tested at an airport. They operated according to a predefined pattern. 
In March 2018, a demonstration took place at Fagernes Airport Leirin in Norway. Two autonomous and coordinated sweepers operated at the airport.

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In May, Mercedes was selected as the supplier of demonstration vehicle. In August, the summer project of 2017 was presented with scaled model with updated navigation including INS navigation and communication by 4G.


Avinor and Yeti Snow Technologies signed a contract aiming to develop the futures autonomous snow removal services, with the first demonstration in March 2018.

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The first dialogue with Avinor started in April 2015. In August, two selfdriving scaled models were presented. This was the result of six weeks of students working on the project. The two scaled models drove simultaneously with radio link and GPS navigation.